Trend Hustle Culture Affects Fresh Graduate


Have you ever heard of the term Hustle Culture? Hustle culture is the standard in society that assumes that you can achieve success if you dedicate your life to work and work hard. History Hustle Culture was first discovered in 1971 and was driven by technological developments and social construction to become successful entrepreneurs at a young age.

Hustle Culture now affects many young people, especially fresh graduates who have just left the world of education and entered the workforce. They run a workaholic culture with the assumption that they can achieve immediate success. They even have feelings of guilt when they use their time to rest. Success itself can be achieved through various things. Not necessarily just work without regard to the condition of the body.

The Hustle Culture lifestyle also destroys the work-life balance so that which harms mental and emotional health. Many of the demands of life require them to work harder to get a big income even though they put their health aside

When viewed from external factors, the trigger is quoting from successful people. There is nothing wrong with consuming it, but if it is misunderstood, it will result in forcing yourself to work crazy.

Hustle Culture Impacts That Are Important For You To Understand

Hustle culture does have a positive impact such as always being motivated to achieve goals, but there are also negative impacts that affect your health, you know. The following are the negative impacts of hustle culture:

1. Losing Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a balance between career and personal life. By dividing time between work and yourself or family, you can reduce stress levels and make yourself happier.

2. Burnout Syndrome

According to WHO, burnout is a chronic work-related stress condition characterized by fatigue, frustration, and difficulty concentrating. Burnout appears gradually and is caused by many responsibilities that are carried out in a bad office environment. The burnout that is not realized can cause a person to be exhausted to the point of death. Many deaths have occurred because of the hustle culture.

3. Always Feel Less

The hustle culture makes a person feel that to continue to achieve success in all aspects, they must not be left behind from the achievements of others. This makes a person always feel less grateful for what he already has and easily jealous of the success of others.

How to Avoid Hustle Culture

For those of you who are already stuck and or heading towards a hustle culture, you can apply the following ways to avoid it:

1. Stop Comparing Yourself

Technology and social media are tools that make someone want to run a hustle culture. The reason is, people on social media display success. By minimizing the use of social media, you can stop comparing yourself to others. You also become more grateful for what you have. There is no need to rush because each of us has the capacity and ability of each. It should be realized that we start from a different starting line with other people.

Re-analyze what abilities and desires you want to achieve in the future. This can help you focus more on achieving your version of success.

2. Having Other Activities Outside of Work

According to the New York Times, having free time to pursue a hobby or whatever you enjoy can make you more balanced. Find other activities or hobbies outside of work. Work according to your work time and rest in your rest time. Take time off to find or do things you enjoy.

3. Doing Alms and Doing Good

Do alms or other good deeds so that you can be grateful for the things you have, work, family, and health. There are many ways you can do good, such as sending food to coworkers or relatives, opening donations, and making impact investments.

Working hard is one of the keys to success, but overwork is still not good. Managing the time between work and rest and social life will have more of an effect than working excessively. Take time to rest for a while doing what you enjoy. I played Memories Interactive, an Otome-themed game, between my breaks as a refresher from a long day's work. The game is very interesting and easy to understand. If you want to try playing it, please download it here for Android and here for iOS.


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