Suitable Career Jobs Work-From-Home For Women


The pandemic is a problem for some people, especially those who works in offices or factories. Many employees were fired because the company cut the budget from its employees, especially women. Many career women end up choosing jobs that can be done at home after being fired from the office. Here are some jobs for women that are suitable to be done at home..

1. Online Tutor
In a pandemic like nowadays, where schools are studied-from-home, Online Tutor is a promising career. By only using facilities such as laptops or cellphones through video calls, Online  can teach without the need to come to students' premises. The material and work on the questions can be broader, can be taken from the internet, and not fixated on the school curriculum system.
Usually, online tutors can earn 50K-150K/study session. Usually, one session lasts 60-90 minutes. In one week there are usually only 2-3 sessions. The price offered varies depending on the subject and the length of the study session.

2. Pastry Chef
If you’re interested in baking and have the skills to bake simple to fancy cakes, cookies, tarts, and many more sweet dishes and desserts; you can start your venture for a pastry store. Even if you do not want to invest in a space for your store, you can also go for simple delivery service. This would allow you to save up your investment for the space into more baking essentials.
The pastry industry has been growing manyfold these days, especially when this pandemic. From parties to desserts to comfort food, it has become a daily part of our food these days. It has good scope and is also in demand throughout the year for all occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries or parties; so many more. You can have a decent earning and take pre-orders and have them delivered with a booking price and have the full price paid before delivery as it suits you.

3. Blogger
If you’re women who are passionate about a particular topic that can be ranging from fashion, fitness, food, gardening, travel, or even philosophy, you can perfectly start your blog. There is no better source of passive income than this. Now is the time where you can even start microblogging through Instagram. The amount you get is really handsome and the elements that add to your income are Google AdSense, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing

There are many more jobs that career women can choose to work from home. Nowadays, women no longer have work restrictions. Likewise in the gaming industry these days. Games that used to be synonymous with boys, can now be played with girls, without any restrictions. If you like an otome genre or want to find out more, you can access Memories Interactive.  An Indonesian otome platform where you can enjoy many stories which i’ve been playing day & night right now. You can download here for iOS  or here for Android


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